Guide to the Deadlift

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  • Secrets of a Deadlift Champion

    Revolutionize your pull with tips and tricks to improve technique, training, and more! World record holder Ben Pollack goes in-depth into the deadlift over 100 pages of advice to help you take your deadlift to the next level.

Five full-length chapters

An introduction to the deadlift, its history, and why it truly is the King of the Lifts. Also includes bonus content about me, my training history and philosophy, and how I increased my deadlift from 225 pounds in high school to over 800 pounds today!
A guide to everything you need to deadlift, from essentials to accessories:

  • Which bar to use to deadlift and when
  • How to choose and wear a belt
  • What shoes, socks, shirts and shorts to wear
  • When to add accessories like lifting straps, tape, and nose tork
Everything I know about deadlift technique. From how to set up and stay tight to touch-and-go versus dead stop, this section covers all the nuances of both sumo and conventional pulling. Plus info on hook grip, cues for bracing, and more!
A tell-all guide on programming your deadlift training. My programs are built on the time-tested training theory of periodization, and I teach you how to set up your own customized programs based on your strengths, weaknesses, and ability to recover. Also includes information on peaking for a meet and over half a dozen sample programs you can implement immediately!
All the FAQs I gotten over the years, like:

  • How should I warm up for the deadlift?
  • What mobility exercises will improve my form?
  • When should I start using a belt and straps?
  • How should I breathe while deadlifting?
  • And much, much more!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, and up-and-coming expert, or anywhere in between, my Guide to the Deadlift can help you improve your training and technique and take your strength to the next level. Order now!

A bombastic bomb… My body and especially my strength is responding well!

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